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All Gold Everything! … And all silver and all copper! That has basically been my design motto and décor aesthetic as of late. If it’s a coinage metal, I’ve gotta have it (but chances are, I can’t afford it)! I’m constantly falling in love with metallic accessories that fall outside my price range, like this rose gold mirror from West Elm. Luckily, a lot of expensive looks can easily be recreated with a little creativity, a few dollars and a couple of craft supplies. That’s how this West Elm DIY was born!

Rose Gold Mirror from West Elm
Rose Gold Mirror from West Elm

With a hefty price tag of $250, there was no way that the West Elm mirror I’ve been coveting was ending up on my wall anytime soon. So, what’s a girl on a budget to do? A little DIY magic, that’s what! Cue a trip to Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and a raid of my craft drawer and I was able to make a $5 version of my dream mirror. Yes, this West Elm DIY mirror is about 50% smaller, but it’s also 99% cheaper. I’m not mad at it!

This West Elm DIY is not only pretty simple, it’s ridiculously easy! Here’s what you’ll need:

What you’ll need:

Supplies: craft store mirror, pizza pan and rose gold paint
Supplies: craft store mirror, pizza pan and rose gold paint
  • A pizza pan
    o I used a 12 inch pan I got from Dollar Tree. They also have the same size at Walmart for 88 cents.
  • A mirror of corresponding size to the pizza pan
    o I got mine from Hobby Lobby. It’s regularly a whopping $3.99, but I used a coupon and got it for the low low price of $1.99. Always, ALWAYS use a coupon!
  • Rose gold paint/Spray paint (and brushes if needed)
    o I used DecoArt Americana DECOR Metallics in rose gold
  • Glue/adhesive
    o I used the ever trusty E600 glue 
  • Soda can tab (or beer can tab) to use as a hook for hanging your mirror on the wall.

How to make a West Elm DIY mirror

Step 1: Paint the outside rim of the pizza pan, reapplying however many coats you need to achieve your desired look.
Make sure to follow any special directions on your paint for applying to metal and for how long to wait in between coats. I did three coats and waited about 10 minutes between each one. *TIP: A glass (or two) of wine is perfect for helping the time fly by while you wait!


Sip some wine while you wait for your paint to dry!
Sip some wine while you wait for your paint to dry!

Step 2: Once the paint is dry, glue your mirror inside the pizza pan.
Since the pizza pan isn’t entirely flat but a bit beveled, I only put glue around the very inside rim. The middle of the mirror didn’t end up touching the bottom of the pan so there was no need to put glue there. *TIP: Use a wet paper towel or rag to clean up any excess glue around the edges.

Step 3: Glue a soda can tab to the back of your mirror. You may need to slightly bend the tab before gluing so the opening will be able to catch a nail.
You want to make sure you’re using heavy duty glue for this. You don’t want your mirror falling off the wall in the middle of the night and giving anybody seven years bad luck or a heart attack! If you’re worried about the stability of the glue and soda tab, you can always find an alternative wall hanging method. For example, you can use the hook from the back of an old picture frame instead.

Step 4:  Next, clean the glass of your mirror, getting rid of any paint, glue and fingerprints.

Step 5: Finally, hang it on the wall… and partake in some cute mirror selfies!*

Completed West Elm DIY Rose Gold Mirror.
Completed West Elm DIY Rose Gold Mirror.

Five dollars and five steps later, you have yourself a beautiful West Elm DIY rose gold mirror!

Pretty Simple, right?

*Selfies optional. But if you do take one, or a picture of your mirror in general, tag us on instagram @itsaprettysimplelife, and use the hashtag #PSLCheats. We’d love to see what you made!

xo, keanna

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