Treat, Eat, and Cheat of the Week: Fourth Edition

Treat Eat & Cheat of The Week

Wow. I cannot believe that this week is already over. I have had for some time a goal of having at least one social engagement per week. Man, have I failed recently. Pretty much either working, blogging, netflixing, or sleeping. One thing I have been maintaining is daily entries in my gratitude journal. It is one of my keys for self-care. Our weekly Treat, Eat, and Cheat posts are basically an online form of my gratitude journal. This week was an intense one at work, but pausing to appreciate special moments keeps me sane. So let’s jump in!

Treat of the Week

Chewing Gum Cast (Image Courtesy of Channel4)

Chewing Gum – This is normally Keanna’s contribution, but I am going to shout out a tv show! I heard about this show from Kid Fury on The Read and it sounded hilarious and weird and right up my alley. And I was not disappointed! I should mention that this is not something you wanna watch with your parents nor kids. It is full of awkward and hilarious sex scenes. But we follow the amazing Michaela Coel as Tracey where she struggles with adulting. Mainly, it follows her tragic journey to give up her “v-card”, but the universe puts up every obstacle imaginable.

The second season has come out in the UK, and I hope it comes to Netflix soon. The first season’s ending was kinda confusing, so I need to know what happens next. For now, I suggest you check out the first season and get your life!

Eat of the Week

Man, I wish I could eat bread. (Image Courtesy of Whole Foods)

Bacon. Glorious bacon. So, I’m still on my #NewYearNewMe ish and am on a quest to get my body in order. Right now, that means no carbs, especially alcohol. Who knew that I would make this far?! Anyhoo, I have done Atkins in the past and was impressive with the results even if I still don’t understand the science.

Somehow, I can eat all the bacon I want and lose weight?? Um, yes please! While I have not been going overboard still crave rice and pasta on a daily basis, I have been loving eating bacon on a more regular basis.

I should note that I aim to be an “ethical carnivore,” so I get my uncured bacon from Whole Foods. Yes, it is more pricey but it is better for your body as it has no additives and better for your spirit as it only from superior suppliers.

Cheat of the Week

Keanna’s bangin’ Activated Charcoal and Chamomile Soap

High-quality soap. I was fortunate enough to get a little sample recently of some activated charcoal/chamomile soap and am loving it. It feels so nourishing and invigorating! I am trying to pace myself on how much I use it since I don’t want to run out. Hopefully, Keanna will post a diy for it, so that I know that I can make more. I have never made anything like it so I am trying to turn my anxiousness into excitement.

What’s your Treat, Eat, or Cheat of the Week?

We’d love to know what you are loving this week and we’re always looking for more things that bring joy. Please let us know in the comments.

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Keepin’ it Pretty & Simple,

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    DIY for the Black soap should be up in the next day or two. If you can melt and stir stuff you can make it!

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