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I’m not a parent or a teacher, but my big sister is both. She helped me compile this Teacher Gifts Guide full of gifts that an elementary school teacher would be grateful to get this holiday season. If you’re a parent looking for something to get your child’s teacher, or a family member/friend of a teacher, here are some  gift ideas that you may not have considered.

Of course teachers like any gift their students give them, but some gifts prove to be more useful than others. Did you know that the majority of things in an elementary school classroom the teachers purchased themselves? The classroom library full of Berenstain Bears Books (I’m still convinced its always been Berenstein!), games, treats, all the colorful classroom decor- teachers buy all of those things using money out of their own pockets. And lets be honest, teachers’ salaries aren’t that much. They’re overworked and underpaid. This holiday season instead of buying a teacher another coffee mug, consider giving them a gift that will help support them do what they love – teach. 

Help A Teacher Out

Electric Pencil Sharpner–  All those pencils you bought from your kids supply list at the beginning of the year? They constantly need to be sharpened! My sister, a kindergarten teacher, says she sharpens countless pencils everyday and a cheap pencil sharpner just doesn’t cut it. Its hard to keep your students sharp with a dull pencil!* A quality electric pencil sharpner is a must in a classroom. Keep those #2 pencils sharp to keep our students # 1!*(Jokes courtesy of my Dad)



Scented Markers– Makes learning fun! The colors are vibrant and the kids are excited to write with them; the smell lures them in.

teacher gifts scented markers

Personalized Stationary–  All those notes your kids teachers send home, they need something to write them on! Check out Minted for amazing personalized stationary options. (click the banner to shop)


Papermate Flair Pens– because they need something to write those notes with! And these pens are great for grading papers. 

teacher gifts papermate pens

Grading Stamps– Or save their hand from a cramp and get them a set of these cute stamps. 

teacher stamps teacher gifts

Rolling Hand Cart  Lesson plans, books, papers, replacement supplies- teachers are always carting things back and forth. You can buy a teacher a massage, or you can save their back and buy this rolling hand cart! (But the massage would be greatly appreciated too!) 

teacher gifts rolling cart

Laminator Teachers spend a lot of time finding and creating learning aids for their kids. A laminator is a huge help in preserving these items. Great for keeping handmade games and bulletin board artwork reusable. And what’s a classroom without a really awesome bulletin board! 

teacher gifts laminator

Water Bottle and Lunch Box– Teachers don’t have the luxury of getting up from their desks and taking a break whenever they want. And they don’t have time to go out for lunch everyday. Keep them hydrated with tasty fruit infused water or give them something cute to carry their lunch in. 

Teacher gifts water bottle
I actually own this water bottle and my sister liked it so much when she saw it that she got one too. It loads the fruit from the bottom which means your water stays infused with flavor until the last drop!

teacher gifts lunch box


Starbucks and Chipotle are great, but also consider these gift cards that will help keep their classroom stocked. Maybe team up with the other parents and all chip in. 

Barnes and Noble

Help them restock their classroom library with a Barnes and Noble gift card. Shop Here.

teacher gifts barnes and noble gift card


Always a great choice! Give an Amazon gift card and a teacher can buy their pick of this list. Shop by clicking the banner below. 

 Show Your Appreciation 

Good teachers go out of their way to provide their students with the best learning experience they can. Whether it’s with one of the items above or with a simple thoughtful note, the greatest gift you can give a teacher is to let then know how much they’re appreciated.  

Need more present inspiration? Check out our other Gift Guides. And if you have any suggestions for other awesome teacher gifts, leave me a comment below or connect on social media. Use #PSLTreats and share with us the teacher gifts you give or receive this holiday season! 

xo, keanna

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