Shows, Sushi & Champagne: Treat, Eat and Cheat of The Week

Treat Eat & Cheat of The Week

Can you believe the first week of 2017 is almost over? I’m pretty sure I’ve already managed to fail at half of my New Year’s Resolutions! Along with personal goals for 2017, my blog partner Monti and I also set goals for the blog. One of those goals is to establish more recurring/familiar content. So, we’d like to end this first week of 2017 by introducing you to a new regular post here on the blog – Treat, Eat and Cheat of The Week. 

Every week (or every other week depending on the content we have planned) we will be sharing our favorite Treats, Eats and Cheats of the moment. What do we consider treats, eats and cheats? Treats are anything from a good book and glass of wine, to a thought provoking podcast or a week long getaway. Eats are any and all things food and food related. Cheats are DIY’s, life hacks or any general tips and tricks that we’ve discovered that help make life a little prettier and a little simpler. 

Without further ado, here is my Treat, Eat and Cheat of The Week! A binge worthy show, all you can eat Sushi and a trick to keep your champagne from falling flat. 


Treat, eat and Cheat of The Week
The OA Image via Netflix

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, completely avoiding social media, or haven’t checked Netflix lately, you’ve probably seen or heard something about The OA. I spent a day binging the entire season and being simultaneously transfixed and perplexed.

There’s no way for me to adequately describe this show without spoiling something. Basically, a young woman is reunited with her parents and returns home after having been missing for seven years. As the show progresses you gradually learn more about the young woman’s childhood and where she’s been the past seven years. The genre falls somewhere between mystery drama and supernatural science fiction. 

Good acting, unpredictable storytelling and interesting characters make this show worth watching. And mind blowing fan theories that point out “hidden clues” make it worth watching more than once. This is one of those shows that has moments that leave you thinking “Huh, what does that mean?!!” or “Something else is going on here!”. Don’t read the theories until after you’ve watched the show! 

EAT OF THE WEEK – All You Can Eat Sushi 

treat, eat and cheat of the week

“It’s a step up from grocery store sushi” – that was one of the reviews for Sakura Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant in Virginia Beach. I’m not a huge fan of sushi, but I’ve had some pretty good grocery store rolls! And our Sakura is in a strip mall with a Walmart and Sally’s, so if you go in expecting Nobu, that’s your fault, not theirs! You can get good food at a good price here. 

Monti and I went to Sakura for their all you can order lunch special and we were not disappointed. For $12.95 you can fill up on all the sushi, noodles and fried rice that you want! I like that it’s not a buffet, instead you can just keep ordering from their lunch menu. The portions are small enough that you can sample a lot of different options before you’re full. And to make the deal even sweeter, a glass of wine is only $2.50… or you can get a 1.5L bottle for around $20. Where they do that at?! Sakura, apparently! Shout out to them for not having a ridiculous booze mark up! 

If you’re in Virginia Beach and looking for a cheap but yummy lunch spot, I’d recommend Sakura. Try the yakisoba, gyoza, spicy friend and crab stick sushi.   

CHEAT OF THE WEEK – Save The Bubbles 

treat, eat and cheat of the week

Flat champagne is the worst! Okay, there are infinitely more things that are way worse, but flat champagne still sucks. Since it was New Year’s, we spent the weekend popping bottles and making champagne cocktails. Here’s a tip I learned to keep the bubbly bubbling – stick the handle of a spoon in the bottle! 

Yep, that simple! And a myth according to Google! Apparently this only really works if the spoon is actual silver (if it even works at all). Unless IKEA and Target are selling real silver silverware, I now doubt the spoon we kept in the champagne had any real impact. 

So what’s the trick to keeping your champagne from falling flat? You can invest in a champagne stopper (like this), that hermetically seals the bottle, and keep it chilled. Or just keep the champagne cold. Don’t let it get warm at all- its got to do with CO2 and science. If the champagne gets warm, it kills the bubbles. An open bottle of champagne will keep some amount of fizz for a few days as long as you keep it cold. Which is probably why I and millions of other people thought the spoon was actually doing something. 

Have you been putting a spoon (or fork) in your champagne? Are you convinced it works? 

What’s your Treat, Eat and Cheat of The Week? 

We’d love to know what you’re loving and learning this week. Head over to our Facebook page and share with us your Treat, Eat and Cheat of The Week. I’m always in need of a new show to binge! 

xo, keanna


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