Seven Things We Felt at Montréal Pride 2016

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Introduction to Montréal Pride 2016

Like many Americans, I have been looking lovingly at Canada recently, which reminded me that I needed to do a post on Montréal Pride 2016. This post has been percolating in the back of my mind for months now. As you may have read on Keanna’s lovely post, we went to Montreal over the summer with our dear friend, J. A great time was had by all (except for the two days I was so effing sick). The highlight and point of the trip was Montréal Pride 2016 aka Fierté Montreal. Below you will find some feelings that we had about the amazing experience.

Montréal Pride 2016 Felt Massive

Let’s Get This Party Started

Let’s start with the official guide for Montréal Pride 2016. It is a behemoth. The number of events was overwhelming. Then, when it came to the Parade, the number of spectators (around 300,000) was amazing. Lastly, the number of dignitaries, floats, and groups were jaw-dropping. Most of the hotels in Montréal were sold out for the weekend. It seemed like everyone in the region had come to celebrate.  

Fierté has come a long way from their beginning according to

“Montreal’s Gay Pride Parade -called Défilé de la fierté gai in French- is fun, flamboyant, and everyone is invited to a LGBTA tradition going strong since it was rooted in 1979, when a group of 200 people commemorated New York City’s 1969 Stonewall Riots with “Gairilla,” a precursor to Montreal’s gay pride parade celebrations.”

Montréal Pride 2016 Felt Inclusive

Some Proud “Bears” Showing Their Stuff

If you are a member of the GLBTQ+ Community or an Ally, you were represented in this event. All body types. Every fetish. Every hobby. There was something or someone that would have connected with you. From Gaymers to Plushies, Montréal Pride 2016 had something to represent you.

Montréal Pride Felt Unifying

Fists Raised Against Injustice During A Moment of Silence

Coming not long after the Orlando Massacre, it was moving to see how many groups and floats were dedicated to Orlando. Around 2:30 pm, there was a moment of silence and I got a chill as the silence was deafening. I was shocked to see everyone raise their fist in the air in silence. This collection of people from every walk of life imaginable seemed united against injustices everywhere. I wish I could bottle that feeling and release it when I need a “pick me up”.

Montréal Pride Felt Festive

People Dancing With No Cares on The TD Canada Bank Trust Float

I wish that I could have included more pictures here, but it would have messed up the flow of the post. Suffice it to say that there were half-naked people (though exponentially less than NYC Pride and that’s a good thing). Also every ethnicity or style of music you can imagine. The Parade should be a celebration and Fierté did not disappoint.

Montréal Pride 2016 Made Me Feel Old

J Having the Time of His Life at Montréal Pride’s Closing Party

So, the Parade route in NYC weaves along streets that are lined with bars and restaurants. Generally, I meet with friends and we have brunch and watch the Parade go by. After walking block after block in Montréal, we slowly (very slowly in my case) came to the realization that this was not true here. If we would have been earlier then we could have gotten a seat on a hill, but alas, we had to stand the entire time. As I mentioned before, I was deathly ill, so this was a chore for me. But was it worth it? Hell Yeah!! I was able to survive the Parade, but sadly had to miss the closing party to sleep off my sickness. Keanna and J seemed to have the time of their lives, though.

Montréal Pride Felt Important

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Green


Prime Minister Trudeau at a Press Conference (Courtesy of
Prime Minister Trudeau at a Press Conference (Courtesy of

How odd. Between the three of us, we have over 300 pictures of Montreal Pride 2016, but no one took a great picture of Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. I think we were all star-struck. The crowd seemed as in awe as we were as this was the first time the sitting Prime Minister walked in Fierté. Joining Mr. Trudeau were all other major political parties, which made me feel respected and welcomed.


Montréal Pride Made Us Feel Comfortable

Keanna and Monti waiting for Montreal Pride 2016 to Begin

This month on the site, we are focusing on things that make us feel cozy. So many memories have come flooding back about how comfortable and at ease we felt while in Montréal. The event was both over the top and understated at the same time. The people were beyond friendly and helpful. And I was surrounded by people I loved. This is definitely something that we have to do again… I just hope I don’t get deathly ill the next time.


Please comment if there are other amazing international Prides that you think we would enjoy. I think we would all love to do Fierté again and explore other Prides around the world.

Lastly, between the three of us, there was an abundance of photos. Deciding which ones to include was a painful process. Below you will find a slideshow with some other amazing shots that I couldn’t include above. Enjoy!

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