4 Ways to Recharge and Boost Your Mood

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I’m an extreme introvert. I find social situations and just being around people in general incredibly draining after a certain amount of time. Add to that dealing with anxiety and I go through most of life finding it either exhausting or terrifying to interact with other people (even ones I know and like). This takes a lot out of me and has a major impact on my mood. 

When I find myself feeling spent, easily irritated and moody, I know it’s time to recharge. It is important for everyone to know when they need a break, and that it’s okay to take one. Self-care is not selfish, it’s self-preservation. Here are four pretty simple ways I like to reduce stress, elevate my mood and get back to a positive place. 

1.Have A Spa Moment

4 ways to recharge and boost your mood spa One of the major ways I recharge is to relax. It’s not so much about replenishing energy as it is eliminating stress and anxiety and feeling refreshed. An at home Spa session is perfect for this purpose. You don’t have to hire a private masseuse to set up shop in your living room. I wish! But you can indulge in a relaxing bath/shower followed by a face mask. Even if you don’t make a full night out of pampering yourself, make your daily shower or skincare routine feel like an indulgence by using products you really love and that make you feel treated.   

  1. Aromatherapy plays a big part in the at-home spa experience for me. Scents are powerful things. Lavender is relaxing and calming while citrus scents like lemon and sweet orange are invigorating. Oils, salts, and bath bombs are great ways to infuse your bath with scents that will simultaneously soothe your mind and boost your mood. Or if you’re more of a shower person use a soap or body wash that brings you olfaction satisfaction.

2. Get Some Sleep

4 ways to recharge and boost your mood sleepWhen it comes to recharging, sleep is pretty much a no-brainer, it’s your body’s time to rest, repair and replenish itself. Sleep can also work wonders for your mood. Toddlers aren’t the only ones that get cranky and throw tantrums when they’re tired! Waking up from a good nap or night of sleep can make you feel like a whole new person.  

I think one of the best ways to be in and stay in a good mood is to wake up that way. It’s no secret that quality sleep is important for both physical and mental health, but sometimes it feels like achieving quality sleep is. Here are three tips for getting a good night’s sleep so that you wake up rested and refreshed:   

  1. 1. Avoid bright screens before bed. 
  2. Watching Netflix and scrolling through Instagram before bed may seem relaxing, but the light from your phone/computer can be disruptive and suppress melatonin production. If you can’t unplug an hour or two before bed and still need your Facebook fix, try using an app (like Twilight) on your phone that alters the brightness and filters the blue light of your screen. 
  1. 2. Create a calm, comfy sleep environment.
  2. Invest in good quality bedding. If you’re sleeping on cheap sheets, you could be cheating yourself out of some of the best sleep of your life! Think of it this way- if you’ll pay $70 for a pair of jeans you’ll wear once a week, you can pay $70 for a set of sheets you sleep on every night. 
  1. 3. Meditate. 
  2. Clear your head before bed! One of the main reasons people can’t fall asleep is because they keep thinking about everything that happened in the day or everything that may happen tomorrow. Check out my Blogmas post for my favorite mindfulness and meditation apps. These can help you unwind and relax your mind before bed.

3. Sing/Dance It Out 

4 ways to recharge and boost your mood sing danceI read somewhere that singing reduces stress and promotes feelings of wellbeing. Have you ever been stuck in after work traffic, but then your favorite song comes on the radio and it’s 3 minutes of pure joy? Embrace that moment and recreate it whenever you need that feeling. Sing along to some Disney classics or belt out some Bon Jovi. Livin’ On A Prayer is an instant mood booster! Maybe avoid Adele, though. You want to be happy, not all in your feelings! 

Dancing is like exercise- it gives you endorphins. And as anybody who has seen Legally Blonde can tell you, endorphins make you happy ( and “happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t”)! So next time you need a mood boost, turn on and turn up to your favorite playlist and dab, twerk and two step until you’re feeling Bad and Boujee. (I recommend Twerk Out Workout on Spotify)

4. Let The Sunlight In 

4 ways to recharge and boost mood sunlightI’m literally and metaphorically a closed blinds person. I used to joke that I wanted to move to Alaska so that I could avoid both sunshine and people. But apparently, those things are good for you so I have to remind myself to interact with both on a regular basis. When you need a boost in mood and energy, think of yourself as having solar panels and recharge with a bit of sun. 

Research has shown that sunlight triggers the release of a “happiness hormone”, serotonin. A lack of exposure to sunlight can cause serotonin levels, and therefore your mood to drop. Ever feel more tired and depressed during the winter? There’s a reason for that. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a type of depression triggered by the change in seasons. Days are shorter in the winter and without enough exposure to the sunlight, a person’s serotonin levels can drop.  

I’m sure we’d all love to jet set off to a sunny destination whenever we need an extra serotonin fix, but that’s just not realistic. Instead, have lunch outside or near a window, take a walk, remember to open your bedroom blinds in the morning. These are simple everyday ways to let a little more light into your life and give yourself a boost. Or if you’re seriously suffering from SAD, you can invest in a light therapy box that simulates sunlight. 

Add Them All Up

There are plenty of ways to recharge your chi and boost your mood. But these are four pretty simple practices that you can do daily. Add them all together and even better! Get a good night’s sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed, sip your morning coffee in the sun, sing along to the radio on your way home from work, then take a nice long shower before heading to bed for that good night’s sleep. 

How do you get your mood back on track? Do you make it a habit to recharge daily? Follow us on social media or leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear how you practice self-care. 

xo, keanna

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I'm the crafty half of It's A Pretty Simple Life. I love a quick and easy DIY and live for a good home décor hack. I like to consider myself an amateur wine critic, but professional wine drinker; give me a bottle (or box) of Zinfandel and I'm a happy girl! There's a quote that I love that says "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated". My goal with this blog is to embrace the simple, to focus on the small things that bring a little bit of beauty and joy to an otherwise overwhelming and chaotic life. I hope you stay tuned and come along for the journey! xo, keanna


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    YES to all of these tips! I recently got some soaps and salts, so I hope to have my own spa moment when I take the time. I’m also trying to do better with getting my sleep; and I LOVE singing it out (I haven’t danced it out. Maybe I should try). It’s cold and dreary where I am now, but some of my most peaceful moments are when I’m sitting on the porch, in the sun.

    Thanks for this post! xx


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