Wishing You a Happy Holidays Season and Reflections on #Blogmas 2016

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First Things First

Keanna and I would like to wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season. We both love this time of year. Good times with good people. What more can you want in life? Maybe some mulled wine? We have that too. 

Exterior of the Joint-Use Library in Virginia Beach
Let’s Start the Meeting at our Fancy Library

I love goals. I feel like a lot of people set goals, but fewer reflect on the goals at regular intervals. I think that it is important to evaluate where you stand and remind yourself of where you are going. We spent over six hours doing just that. We will be posting more about the meeting and outcomes in the near future, but for now, know that there is some special content coming soon. 

Computer, coffee, and notes during our meeting.
Work, Work, Work, Work, Work on #Blogmas and Evaluation Meeting

As we went over things with #Blogmas, we were mostly happy with our progress. We started a little early, but still had 26 posts over a couple weeks. I’d give us an A-minus. Most people start months in advance, but we were writing every day. Next year, I think that we will try it again, but will be doing much more planning to get the writing done in advance. This will let us to be less stressed and more structured. 

What did you think of the content? Did it provide value to you? Were the gift guides helpful to you? Please let us know in the comments. 

Keanna and Monti Celebrating after a Successful Meeting
Keanna and Monti Celebrating after a Successful Meeting

After our massive planning and evaluation meeting, we celebrated our success with some yummy cranberry flavored sparkling wine. Now that we have finished #Blogmas, we will be taking some time to spend time with our families. Look back in a week for more great Pretty Simple Content. Until then, we invite you to check out any of our #Blogmas Posts that you might have missed: 

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Happy Holidays,

By Monti Lawson

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