Pretty Simple Gifts Guides – Herbs and Spices for Cooks Edition

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 I don’t like bland food. And you shouldn’t either. That’s why I am presenting you with our Pretty Simple Gift Guides – Herbs and Spices for Cooks Edition

As someone who loves to cook, I would appreciate any or all of these (hint hint). These are great for people who know their way around a spice rack or those like, our beloved friend, Ina, who think ketchup is spicy.

In this Gift Guide – Herbs and Spices for Cooks Edition, you will find some of my favorite secret agents in the kitchen. Also, some new items that have incredible ratings that I cannot wait to add to my routine. Also, you can check out our shoppable board on Pinterest.

 Basics - Salts, Peppers, and Herbs de Provence
 Basics – Salts, Peppers, and Herbs de Provence {Click Image to Go to Shoppable Pinterest Board}

My eyes have been opened recently to how different salt and pepper can taste. Some salts should be used while cooking and others to finish.

     1. Applewood Smoked Black Peppercorns – Certified Organic
     2. Gourmet Salts Collection 
     3. Global Peppercorn Sampler
     4. Herb Of Provence, Product of Southern France


Gift Guide for Herbs and Spices
Spices from around the World {Click Image to Go to Shoppable Pinterest Board}

I tend to focus on various areas of the world when looking for new recipes, but always come back to Mediterranean and South Asian flavors. Here you can taste other cultures from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Indian spice kit in a brushed metal storage case – set of 12.
  2. Dry Rubs & Seasoning Set | Spices for BBQ Grilling Smoking – Kashmir to Abilene
  3. Ground Pepper Vials. California Blazing Chile Farms
  4. Ten Moroccan Spices – Tagine Spices
  5. Dried Thai Chili in Glass Spice Preserve Bottle, 0.6oz


 Other Essential Herbs and Spicesfor Cooks
 Other Essential Herbs and Spices for Cooks {Click Image to Go to Shoppable Pinterest Board}

If you have not made your own vanilla extract, then you are really missing out. Second best is the vanillas listed below. There is no third best. Throw out your imitation vanilla. It is trash. Try the real stuff and be converted.

  1. Nielsen-Massey World Vanillas, Set of 3
  2. Culinary Lavender
  3. Les Moulins Mahjoub Natural Pickled Lemons
  4. Whole Vanilla Beans

I hope that you enjoyed our Pretty Simple Gift Guides – Herbs and Spices for Cooks Edition. Remember that you can check out our shoppable board on Pinterest.

Think that I missed anything? Tried any of these? Please let me know in the comments. Also, please tag  your pictures of you using the spices #PrettySimpleTreats on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, even Google+ and we will feature you on our social media feeds.

Keepin’ it Pretty & Simple, 

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    Wow… been looking for some ways to surprise a couple of new friends who are chefs, but couldn’t think of anything that they would not expect. Would have never thought of these on my own, thank you!

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      Thanks, Farouk. I hope the article got the juices flowing.
      ~ Monti

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    I am rolling on the floor over that Ina Garten clip. Hahahaha!

    Love this gift guide. Some amazing ideas here.

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      Right! She has many great qualities, (and is my friend in my head) but this clip takes me out every time.

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    I would love any of these, especially the vanillas! That Ina Garten GIF took me out lol.

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      Lol. Glad you enjoyed!!

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