DIY Whipped Body Butter – A Pretty Simple Holiday Gift

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diy whipped body butterLet’s be honest, unless you know some master crafters the idea of receiving a homemade Christmas present doesn’t exactly fill you with excitement. But when done right, DIY gifts can actually be a big hit and a nice change from the same ol’ same ol’. Consider a departure from the usual this holiday and give a homemade gift your family and friends will actually be excited to get- DIY Whipped Body Butter. It’s customizable, thoughtful and inexpensive to make. 

Never made body butter before? No worries, it’s pretty simple! Its just 3 main ingredients- shea butter, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil.  And 3 main steps- measure, heat and whip. Add in some essential oils and you can completely customize the scent. I started making body butter a few years ago and immediately fell in love with how it makes my skin feel. Like silk! It’s super moisturizing, which is perfect for the winter, and has a luxurious texture that is hard to find in store bought lotions. 

If you’re anything like me one of the hardest parts of present shopping is not buying two of everything so you can keep one for yourself! This DIY Whipped Body Butter makes so much that its the prefect keep-one/give-one gift! 

The following instructions yield  more than enough to share with everyone on your list, but if you’re just making it for one or two people, cut everything in half. 


Here’s what you need

diy body butter supplies

2 Cups (1  pound) of Shea Butter

1 Cup of Coconut Oil 

1 Cup of Grapeseed Oil (or any other light oil of your choice like almond oil or olive oil)

Essential oils of your choice  (I used Lavender and Lemongrass)

Electric hand mixer or a whisk 

Containers to put the finished product in (like these, or recycle and reuse empty beauty product jars you already have)

Here’s how you make DIY Whipped Body Butter

diy body butter how to steps

  1. 1. Chop your shea butter into small pieces.
  2. 2. Melt the shea butter in the microwave on 30 second intervals. Or use the double boiler method to melt on the stove. 
  3. 3. Add the coconut oil and grapeseed oil to the melted shea butter and stir. 
  4. 4. Add the essential oils. The amount varies depending on how scented you want your cream to be and how fragrant your  essential oils are to begin with. (If using full pound of shea butter, I’d start with 25 to 30 total drops)
  5. 5. Place the mixture in the refrigerator or freezer until it has started to solidify. You want it firm but not completely hardened. Like a soft stick of butter. 
  6. 6. Using your electric hand mixer or a whisk, whip until fluffy. 
  7. 7. Divide into your containers 
  8. 8. Keep some, gift some and enjoy! 

diy whipped body butter two jars

Additional Tips:

After step 3, mixing the shea butter and oils, I actually divided my mixture into two bowls so I could make half scented and half unscented.

Since I only scented half my mixture I started with 10 drops of each Lavender and Lemongrass oil and added more until it was at my desired fragrance level.

If your mixture hardens too much, just let it sit a bit before whipping. 

I covered my hand mixer in plastic wrap so it wouldn’t get all oily. 

diy whipped body butter mixer

Wrap It Up

Yeah, I know I said it was 3 main steps and then gave you a list of like 8, but instructions! Still pretty simple though, right? You can shop this post at the links below to get everything you’ll need. Or of if you’d rather stick to store bought gifts, no problem – check out our other gift guides here. 

If you decide to make this DIY Whipped Body Butter, let me know! Use #PSLCheats or #PSLTreats on social media so we can see and share your creations. 

Happy Holidays! 

xo, keanna 



diy whipped body butter

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