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Treat Eat & Cheat of The Week

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This week and especially today has been tough on many of us. Saying farewell to the Obamas, political protests, confirmation hearings, the Inauguration. Regardless of the side you’re on, you may have found it all a lot to process and deal with. It’s times like these that we have to remind ourselves to appreciate the things that make us happy, bring us strength and help us cope. Sometimes you need to take comfort and refuge in a little bit of escapism. 

With that, let’s get on to this week’s Treats, Eats and Cheats! 


Keanna’s Treat – Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime 

I really wanted to pick something other than a TV show for my Treat this week… but then I watched Sneaky Pete. It’s definitely been my most enjoyed treat these past few days and offered some much-needed escapism. The show is about a con man (Giovanni Ribisi) who assumes the identity of his former prison cellmate “Pete” in order to hide out from crime boss Bryan Cranston. Yes, Bryan Cranston plays the baddie, and not in a Walter White he used to be good but now he’s Breaking Bad for a good reason kinda way. He’s white dinner jacket, Kingpin kinda bad and I loved it! 

Throw in a dysfunctional family and the complications that arise when you’re pretending to be someone you aren’t and it’s good TV. It’s not groundbreaking or complex but that was part of it’s appeal to me. With so many shows striving for endless plot twists and complicated storylines, Sneaky Pete is refreshing for simply being entertaining, funny and a bit familiar. 

Plus, I may have a bit of a thing for Giovanni Ribisi. I’ve been a fan every since he hooked up with Nia Long in Boiler Room. 

Have you watched Sneaky Pete? What did you think. Don’t have Prime TV? Try Amazon Prime free for 30 Days by clicking below. 

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Monti’s Treat – Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting The Trump Agenda

You may have heard about this book/movement by now but if you haven’t  I wanted to do my part to spread the word. Indivisible is a guide for taking action to fight and resist. Our feelings matter. Or they should, but the powers that be only listen when we have a critical mass. As someone who used to work in politics, I know first-hand that sometimes people who want change do not go about it in a way that makes a real difference. For example, it might feel great to call and curse out the staff of Speaker Paul Ryan. But a) that makes it easier to dismiss your point and b) if you do not live in his district, then he does not care as he does not represent you.

Indivisible has made me feel empowered and like I can use our platform to fight for what we think is right. Now, some of y’all might be mad about this and say hey I’m here for the recipes and body butter. You may not like it, but I’m sure that you would like navigating the world as a black gay man even less. If you are curious if you can handle the way we intend to use our platform, I invite you to read Keanna’s post on her feelings after the election. If that offends you then we are not for you. And that is ok.


Monti’s Eat – Salmon

Shifting gears entirely, my eat of the week goes out to salmon! So, this week has been brutal with work so I have been going to my regular recipes to make healthy and fast meals that keep me feeling full. It is kinda ironic as salmon has been on my brain because of all the news about tapeworms found in Japanese salmon. I tend to buy American farm-raised salmon unless I’m hosting a party, so that was not a concern to me.

Fried. Baked. Simple season rub. Marinated. The ways of preparing are endless and cooking is fast and easy. Hard to go wrong with this powerhouse fish. What else could you want?

Keanna’s Eat- Trader Joe’s Hot & Spicy Jam

treat eat and cheat of the week tj's jam

Y’all are probably gonna start thinking our blog is sponsored by Trader Joe’s. It’s not, we just legitimately have a love affair with a lot of their products. This Hot & Sweet Chili Jam is my newest TJ’s obsession. If you like the combination of sweet and heat then you’ll love this. It pairs very nicely with a sharp cheese. I put it on a turkey and cheddar sandwich and it changed my life. 


When it comes to the Cheats, we like to share with you How To’s, pieces of advice or products/services we’ve found useful in our lives. Both our Cheats this week can be summed up in two words- Literary Escape. 

Keanna’s Cheat -Free Audio Books 

treat eat and cheat books

My Cheat this week is how to get totally Free 99 audio books. The library! Some of you may have just responded with, “Duh!”. But, surprisingly there are a lot of people that forget about the library or don’t realize they can download e-books and audio books.

I love to reread books, but when it comes to audio books I rarely ever listen to them more than once. And unlike a hard copy of a book you can’t just pass it along to a friend. 

Services like Audible are great when you want to listen to a new release or something your library doesn’t carry or has a long waiting list for. But you pay a monthly subscription fee for a set number of credits and have to wait until the next month for more. When you download books from the library not only are they free but once you return a book you can check out another one immediately. No waiting! I went through a period when I was listening to at least 2 audio books a week. 

Check out your local library’s website to learn how to start checking out and downloading digital books. Or click the link below to try out Audible for free. 

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Monti’s Cheat- Literary Escapism

If you are like me, you are gearing for some rough four years. While TV is always an easy escape, I watch TV on my computer and it is just too easy for me to open up another tab and start browsing the internet and coming upon something I’d rather not see.

Books on the other hand, tend to keep my ADHD at bay and I can go hours lost in a story or a cookbook and not even notice it. I found some bomb discounted cookbooks on Barnes and Noble over the winter break and they have provided me with endless hours of enjoyment.

Share your Treats, Eats and Cheats 

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 Lots of love, 

Keanna & Monti 

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