Charlottesville Wine Weekend Day 2- A Pretty Simple Getaway

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Charlottesville is the place where my love affair with wine began…. My friend Ann and I would get $3 bottles of Pinot Grigio from CVS and sip while we watched episodes of Forensic Files before going bar hopping. Wine was a cheap buzz and we were broke college students so drugstore vino was good enough for us! But now we’re older, wiser and less broke and our standards for wine have vastly improved. We drink $7 bottles now! And we go wine tasting- because its the classy and adult way to day drink! In the beginning of November we returned to our roots to celebrate Ann’s 30th birthday with a Charlottesville Wine...

Charlottesville Wine Weekend – Day 1

Charlottesville, Travel, Treats, VA
Ann, Monti and Keanna at Barboursville Winery

Introduction to our Charlottesville Wine Weekend Ann is a friend to the site – she took many of the pictures that will be used to showcase our Charlottesville Wine Weekend. She is also a friend to the Keanna and me. All three of us met individually then learned about our connections to each other. Our friendship has endured so many individual low points and lifted each other through so many individual peaks. I should note the picture above is because Ann is a proud member of the “Basic Betty Club” and LOVES fall. Few things make her happier than the changing of the leaves. For Ann’s birthday, she wanted to go...