Easy Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork

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Introduction to my Pulled Pork Journey This month we wanted to focus on things that bring us comfort. My mind immediately went to my recipe for Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork. This is a meat by a million names: pork shoulder, pork butt, pernil, etc. Whatever you call it, I call it delicious and easy. Here, I went with “Pork Shoulder”. In the past, I have done “Pork Butt” or “Boston Butt”. Before writing this, I looked up the differences, and, of course, there isn’t one. If someone could explain the reasoning behind the various names in the comments, I will send a small token of my appreciation. As you get to...

Slow-Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken

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Finished Product - Sweet Chili Chicken - Closeup on the Chicken

I was really in the mood for sriracha honey chicken, but none of the three grocery stores I went to had siracha. Get it together, people! Just ordered a couple bottles off Amazon, so I will never have to suffer this injustice again.  However, I saw some Sweet Chili Sauce at the store and wanted to see if I could use the same technique to make Slow-Cooker Sweet Chili Chicken. Anyway, that day, I was doing a lot of writing, so needed something to just dump in the slow-cooker and quickly get back to work. In case you are wondering, the main slow-cooker that I use can be purchased here. ...

Cajun Remoulade Recipe

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Cajun Remoulade on a table paired with New Orleans Style Crab and Shrimp Boil

Hey y’all, I’m Monti. One-half of the team behind Recently, I went home to Virginia Beach and made a New Orleans Style Crab and Shrimp Boil for family and friends. I am not sure where the tradition started, but my family almost always has a Cajun Style Remoulade when we have crabs. It is one of my favorite sauces. Creamy, tart, and spicy it pairs so well with the sweet undertones of the crabs and shrimp.    This month on the blog, we are focusing on Treats, Eats, & Cheats that capture the magic of the end of summer. Nothing says summer to me like the Beach, Crabs, and Remoulade....

New Orleans Style Crab and Shrimp Boil

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  Hey y’all, This is Monti. One-half of the blogging team here at I have lived in New York City (BROOKLYN STAND UP!) for years, so many may be a surprised to know but I am a Southern Boy through and through. This summer, I was planning on heading back to Virginia to celebrate my Mama’s birthday and to see my nephew. So, I was thinking of something special to make for my family. I am not always the best of showing my love and appreciation for family and close friends, but, I feel like if I throw down in the kitchen, then it all sort of works out....