Apple Cider Sangria, A Must Sip This Fall Season


Fall…the leaves start to change colors, the temperature drops, and your Facebook timeline and Instagram feed becomes flooded with pictures of apple picking and pumpkin patches. ‘Tis the season for scarves, boots and warm booze! Or if you live somewhere with inconsistent weather like I do, the temperature drops and then rises back up to a balmy 80 degrees in mid October! That makes Apple Cider Sangria the perfect cocktail for the season, all the flavors of fall but nice and chilled!
We’re BIG fans of sangria here at PSL. It’s basically our go to drink during the summer, and now with this Apple Cider Sangria, it just may be our go to drink for fall. There are plenty of Apple Cider Sangria recipes out there, but with the addition of apple pie liqueur, this one taste like apple pie a la mode in a glass!



Let’s Get Comfortable

Along with the apple pie liqueur I used a bottle of Riesling, apples, lemon juice and Southern Comfort. Not familiar with Southern Comfort? While it may look like a bottle of traditional whiskey or bourbon, it’s actually a whiskey liqueur with flavors of fruit and spice, making it perfect for a variety of fall cocktails. It’s also perfect for SoCo and Lime shooters, which if you are familiar with Southern Comfort I’m sure you’ve probably had a few of. Monti and I definitely had more than a few during our college days. But now we’re classy adults and put our SoCo in sangria… or cherry coke, or iced chai lattes (try it!).


Even if you’re not a fan of dark liquors, I’d recommend giving Southern Comfort a try. Their tagline is “Whiskey made comfortable” and they believe whiskey should be enjoyed, not just endured. When you think about it, the Southern Comfort philosophy basically goes hand in hand (or hand in glass) with our philosophy here at Pretty Simple Life. You shouldn’t have to grin and bear your booze or your life; you should grin and enjoy it as much as possible! And you can start by mixing up a pitcher of this pretty simple Apple Cider Sangria. Check out the recipe below.

*Oh, we’re in no way affiliated with or being sponsored or paid by Southern Comfort (I wish!); we just happen to enjoy it!

The Pretty Simple Recipe

Apple Cider Sangria
This apple cider sangria taste like apple pie a la mode in a glass... but even better, because its boozy!
  1. White Wine 1 bottle
  2. Southern Comfort 1 cup
  3. Apple Pie Liqueur ½ cup
  4. Apples 3
  5. Juice of one lemon
  6. Simple Syrup 1/4 cup
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  1. In a jar or container, combine the Southern Comfort, apple pie liqueur, lemon juice and two chopped apples (the optional 3rd apple can be used as a garnish, or go crazy and chop it up and throw it in too!) .
  2. Cover and let marinate in the fridge for at least an hour (but the longer the better!).
  3. Pour the bottle of wine and apple cider into a large serving pitcher and add the booze and apple mixture.
  4. Chill in the fridge until ready to serve… and if you’re feeling fancy, garnish with a cinnamon sugar rim and fresh apple wedge.
  1. You can substitute the Southern Comfort for a bourbon or whiskey of your choice, but you may want to reduce the amount to a half a cup.
  2. I used Riesling in my sangria so I didn't add any simple syrup as the wine itself had its own sweetness, but if you use Pinot Grigio or another white wine, you can add ¼ cup simple syrup (or more to taste) if you’d like it sweeter.
Its A Pretty Simple Life
Pretty Simple, right?!

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apple cider sangria collage
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