5 Must-Have Water Bottles for Summer

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A cool pair of sunglasses, a comfy pair of sandals, a chic bathing suit – all summertime essentials!  Add to that list a cute water bottle and you’re set for the season!  Brightly colored or floral print water bottles are the perfect spring/summer accessory. Not only will they help you stay hydrated while on the go, but they’re perfect for keeping your rosé chilled and concealed at the beach! With stainless steel water bottles that keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, who needs a cooler? 

Remember a few years ago when Lily Pulitzer made a range of products for Target and people lost their minds? People were camped out, people were buying everything in sight and then reselling it for 5 times the price online. Well, you may have missed it, but Lily recently caused another frenzy! 

Starbucks and Lily Pulitzer knew a festive water bottle would be a must have summer accessory and teamed up to create limited edition S’Well water bottles. The 17 oz bottles are decorated in signature bright and bold Lily Pulitzer floral prints and were originally being sold online at Starbucks.com and in 4,000 store locations. I saw them online and instantly became obsessed. Just one little problem… they completely sold out within an hour of their online release!  

lily pulitzer starbucks water bottle
photo via LilyPulitzer.com

The original price of the Starbucks Lily Pulitzer water bottle was $39.95, but people are trying to resell them on eBay for $60 or more. Pass, they’re not THAT cute! But, they were cute enough to leave me jonesing for a summery water bottle of my own. I went on the hunt for some affordable alternatives.

If a stainless steel water bottle is on your list of summer must-haves, check out these 5 Amazon picks.

PS.  I’m saying you should take wine to the beach, I’m just saying should you choose to, 25 oz is just shy of a full bottle. And all the water bottles below keep liquids cold all day long. Just a little something to keep in mind when deciding which size to buy! 


Mary Square Vintage floral Stainless Steel Water Bottle – $24.83

must have water bottles for summer


Corkcicle Triple Insulated Water Bottle and Thermos, 25 oz, Gloss Peach Echo


must have water bottles for summerMary Square Lily Stainless Steel 17 oz Water Bottle – $26.00

must have water bottles for summer


MIRA Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle | Double Walled Stainless Steel Cola Shape Travel Water Bottle – No Sweating, Keeps Your Drink Hot & Cold | 25 Oz (750 ml) – $23.50 

must have water bottles for summer

Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Wave Bottle – Double-Walled Stainless Steel Water Thermos – $19.99 

must have water bottles for summer


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